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The International Journal of Business Quantitative Economics and Applied Management Research publishes original and high quality contributions that will have a significant impact on the theory and practice of economics, business, management and organizational research. Manuscripts that are suitable for publication include but not limited to research articles based on theoretical or empirical analysis, case studies, critical reviews, commentaries, essays, survey methods, analytical approaches or applied theory. The main aim of this journal is to promote the new ideas and innovative approaches of research scholars, academicians and scientists. Intercultural and interdisciplinary approaches are especially encouraged.

The International Journal of Business Quantitative Economics and Applied Management Research is an international peer-reviewed journal that significantly contributes in terms of providing new solutions and research perspectives for current economic challenges, especially in the context of globalization.All published articles are made freely available online without subscription charges.

IJBEMR Journal is approved by UGC. It can be seen at  by putting IJBEMR journal ISSN number 23495677 or Journal number 48580 in the search entry.

Manuscripts that are suitable for publication in International Journal of Business Quantitative Economics and Applied Management Research cover the following relevant domains and topic of interest :

1. Strategic Management
2. Resources Management and Sustainable Development
3. Entrepreneurship
4. Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
5. Social Entrepreneurship
6. Cost management and  Internal Communications
7. Organizational Behaviour and Business Ethics
8. Organizational Theory
9. Investment Management
10. Knowledge Management
11. Financial Management
12. Financial Mathematics
13. Financial Econometrics
14. Financial Analysis, Diagnostics and Evaluation
15. Risk Management
16. e-Payments (Electronic Payments) and e-Taxation (Electronic Taxation)
17. Corporate Governance
18. Cross-Cultural Dimensions of Business Economics
19. Global Business Environment Analysis
20. Tourism and Hospitality Management
21. E-Business, Entrepreneurial Management and IT
22. Information and Knowledge Modelling
23. Public Administration Management
24. Organizational Culture Architecture​
​25. Management Psychology
26. Business Management
27. Financial Accounting
28. Risk and Decision Analysis
29. Financial Services Management
30. Financial Markets and Portfolio Management
31. Production and Operations Management
32. Quality Management
33. Business Ethics
34. Integrated Manufacturing Systems
35. Control Systems
36. Labor Economics
37. Monetary Economics
38. International Trade
39. Health Care Management
40. Public Finance
41. Fiscal Policy and Taxation
42. Electronic Finance and Internet Banking
43. Supply and Logistics Management
44. Virtual systems management
45. Business Law
46. Public Management and Governance
47. Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics
48. Education Management
49. Business and Economics Engineering
50. Management Theory


Research papers prepared in English in MS word template not exceeding 5 – 8 pages can be submitted to    :


Complete instructions on preparing papers for submission can be found in the Paper Template and Copyright Transfer Form Further information on the scope of the IJBEMR is also available upon enquiry of prospective authors. Authors accept the terms of admiration Code and Plagiarism Statement for Paper Submission, and that the paper is original research contribution with the references properly cited in the article. Once a Paper is Accepted, Authors are assumed to cede Copyrights of the paper Over to  IJBEMR.

The International Journal of Business Quantitative Economics and Applied Management Research (IJBEMR) requires the transfer of copyright from the authors, but allows the authors to post and use the published article for their own teaching or research needs, internal institutional use and scholarly sharing.

The author transfers all commercial exploitation rights to the International Journal of Business Quantitative Economics and Applied Management Research (IJBEMR). Authors have the right to retain patent, trademark and other intellectual property rights (including research data).


After acceptance of paper, author need to deposit fees in account as mentioned in Payment Form and have to send scanned copy of payment form on mail  id

IJBEMR ​ Journal offers the following benefits :

1. Fast & Easy paper publishing process in 5-7 working days
2. Has ability to improve the papers quality with the help of its international editorial board.
3. Provides broad visibility through Promotion and Distribution
4. Provides Certificate of Publication to all the registered authors for published papers.
5. It is an Online Open Access Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed Journal.
6. It promotes a rigorous Anti-Plagiarism policy.Every article/papers submitted for publication to IJBEMR is checked for plagiarism after submission before forwarding to the reviewing team. IJBEMR team uses a free plagiarism detection service provided by Quetext. For more information kindly visit .
7. Authors can download full length paper from the website at any time.
8. Authors query is resolved within 24 hours.


The International Journal of Business Quantitative Economics and Applied Management Research (IJBEMR) uses peer review system to ensure originality, timeliness, relevance, and readability. Because of its mentoring nature IJBEMR peer review process also helps author(s) to remove any errors or gaps in manuscript mistakenly overlooked and assist in making the research more applicable in real time.

All manuscripts will be peer reviewed prior to publication. The whole review process depends on receiving referees comments and revising the manuscripts according to them. IJBEMR will try to make the time between submission and final decision as short as possible. On receipt of the revised article from the author, and after final approval by referees and associated editors, the email of acceptance is issued to the author.

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