Repliki Zegarkw

Volume 1, Issue 11, April 2015

( ISSN : 2349 – 5677 )

S. No. Name of Research Article (Volume 1, Issue 11, April 2015) Page No.
1. Investigating the roles of children in gangs based on psychological perspectives
(Author’s: Ramona Birău, Ph.D; Gabriel Birău, M.Ed.)
2. Investment Opportunity in BSE-SENSEX: A study based on asymmetric GARCH model
(Author: Jatin Trivedi)
3. A Study of Impact of Work Stress on Job Satisfaction of Employees Working in Indian Banking Sector
(Author’s: Dr. Jyoti Vyas Bajpai, Dr. Trupti Vyas Dave, Mr. Siddharth Bajpai)
4. Corporate social responsibility practices in India: Analysis of Public companies
(Author’s: Satinder Singh, Ashwarya sharma)
5. Capital Structure Analysis of Software Company with Special Reference to TCS
(Author’s: Dr. Kavitha Shanmugam, J.Tamilselvi)
6. Problems and Challenges of MSMEs in Telangana
(Author: Dr. Mateen Ahmed Siddiqui)
7. Higher Education in India: Emerging Issues, Challenges and Suggestions
(Author: Mrs. Mukesh Chahal)
8. Demand Determinants and Use Value of Gudumale Recreational Area, in Hawassa City, Ethiopia
(Author’s: Dr.P.Nandeeswara Rao, Wogine Markos)
9. Performance Evaluation of Equity Market in India
(Author’s: Dr. Siddharth Saini, Dr. Girbal Singh Lodhi)
10. Brief of Psychological Test
(Author’s: Dr. Satish Gill, Ms. Shailly Bhatnagar)
11. Performance Evaluation of the Public Sector & Private Sector Mutual Funds in India on the basis of Types of Schemes & AUM during the time of Recession in the recent past
(Author’s: Dr. Umesh Solanki)