Repliki Zegark®ģw

Volume 1, Issue 9, February 2015

( ISSN : 2349 ‚Äď 5677 )

S. No. Name of Research Article (Volume 1, Issue 9, February 2015) Page No.
1. Retention of Faculties in Technical Educational Institutes and Reason for Attrition- A Study
(Author’s: Rathnakar G, Pal Pandian P)
2. Essence of Maintenance Planning and Scheduling For Improving Quality and Productivity in Fly Ash Brick Manufacturing Industry
(Author’s: Madhuri Bhattacharya, Dr. Abhijit Chakraborty, Dr. Sudip Kumar Deb)
3. An Empirical investigation of the Adoption of modern Banking Technologies amongst Bank Account holders of selected Private & Public Sector Banks in Ahmedabad (Gujarat-India) City
(Author: Devendra Khakhdia)
4. Identification and Analysis of Factors Influencing Preferences for Green Products: A Study In and Around Kolkata (India)
(Author’s: Sudipta Majumdar, Dr. Sukanta Chandra Swain)
5. A Comparative Study on Customer Preference of Mobile Service Providers with Selected Service Providers
(Author’s: Dr. L. Leo Franklin, S. Ambika)
6. Nature of Work, Working Conditions and Problems of Women Construction Workers: A Case Study
(Author: Dr. K.A. Rajanna)
7. Indo-US Cooperation: An Overview
(Author’s: Dr. Tajamul Rafi, Nasreena Akhtar)
8. An Empirical Analysis of Income convergence or divergence of India: A case study of NER States
(Author: Md. Samsur Jaman)
9. Sources of Agriculture Finance in Punjab
(Author: Rama Rani)



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