Repliki Zegark®ģw

Volume 1, Issue 8, January 2015

( ISSN : 2349 ‚Äď 5677 )

S. No. Name of Research Article (Volume 1, Issue 8, January 2015) Page No.
1. Inventory Model with Multi-Item and Emergency Orders
(Author: Dr. Shalini Rathore)
2. A Study of Consumer Awareness: Towards Eco Friendly Buildings in Pune City
(Author: Prof. Nandini Desai)
3. Language and Cultural Barriers in International Negotiations(A Case Study of Rupin Textile Pvt. Ltd)
(Author’s: Mr.Abhijit Rane, Ms. Neetu Sharma, Dr. Artee Aggrawal)
4. A study of the relationship between Job Satisfaction and Life Satisfaction
(Author: Dr. Sweta Banerjee)
5. An Overview of Recent Green Manufacturing Initiatives
(Author’s: Ahrar Ahmad, Dr. Vilas Shinde, Ibrahim I. Shaikh)
6. Job Satisfaction and Burnout: A Study on the Executives of the Tea Industry
(Author: Dr. Sweta Banerjee)
7. Effect of High L/D-Ratio and Nozzle Pressure Ratio (NPR) in a Suddenly Expanded Flow
(Author’s: V. B. Shinde, S. A. Khan, Zakir Ilahi, Syed Ashfaq)
8. TPM Implementation to Fine-Tune Manufacturing Performance: An Indian Industrial Way
(Author: Sandeep S. Pathak)
9. Practical Lessons Learned From Adapting International Accounting Standards (IAS)
(Author’s: Mr. Nader Naghshbandi, Mr. Robert Mosomi Ombati)
10. A Study on Customer Perception and Service Quality W S R to Products of SNS Industry Private Ltd. Shimoga
(Author: Prof. Raghavendran V)
11. Inflation Targeting in India: Issues and Challenges
(Author: Kavita Indapurkar)
12. Evaluation & Comparative Analysis of Different Categories of Open Ended Structured Mutual Funds in India on the basis of NAV of Different Types of Schemes of Selected Mutual Funds during the time of Revival of the Economy in the recent past
(Author: Dr. Umesh Solanki)



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